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About Legacy Property Management

Legacy Real Estate concentrates on offering exceptional, professional and personalized service for owners of residential investment properties. We strive to not only meet the expectations but to exceed them and assure that the experience is both profitable and totally satisfying. We have established an outstanding reputation with property owners, past tenants and businesses throughout the community. We act in good faith and loyalty to the owner, perform all duties with skill, care and due diligence and provide full disclosure of all important details. We value the ability to skillfully find suitable tenants and, at the same time, comply with federal, state, county and local laws. Legacy Real Estate’s Property Management Services comes with expertise which fosters the success of investors, understands and relates with ownership’s goals and always reaches to ensure our residents are always satisfied.


Providing quality homes with quality service sets the standard for attracting and keeping quality tenants. As the management, we work on the owner’s behalf to maintain or improve the quality of the asset and are detailed in carrying out the functions of daily business. It is essential that our owners are comfortable with Legacy’s plan with operations, reporting, tenant relations, leasing, inspections and maintenance. It is the owner’s responsibility to dictate any additional or separate details as to how they want their business managed. Our geographic focus is currently operating within an approximate 20 mile radius of Salem, OR.


Legacy Real Estate provides a handpicked selection of quality homes and townhomes. The process of touring the home, the application process and throughout the tenancy is streamlined and user friendly. We focus on transparency, communication and prompt turnaround times to make sure that our residents are always satisfied.


Legacy believes that proper maintenance can solve many problems before they start. When maintenance is a priority, the result are increased tenant satisfaction, a reduced number of vacancies, less deterioration of the buildings and grounds, and increased value of the property.


Legacy manages all types of real estate, whether it be your investment home, duplex, apartment, condo, commercial warehouse, retail space, office sublease. Count on Legacy Real Estate to be your one stop shop for all of your real estate needs.